FAQs – Adorn Once More


Do You Ship?

Yes! I ship all over the US and APO.

How Does The Satisfaction Guaranteed Preview Work?

I'm glad you asked! Once you have filled out all the information about the sign you would like and completed the purchase (it's this action that informs me I have an order), I then open my design software and design what you want according to your specifications. Then, I send you a screenshot of my screen and you can let me know of any amendments you'd like. The sign is to scale and the fonts you see are the fonts you get. That way you can guarantee you will LOVE the finished product. How many other stores can say that?

Do You Do Custom Orders?

Yes! Please contact me for quote, I'd love to make you the perfect piece of décor for your home.

Can I Have Something Disney/NFL etc?

No. Anything that is licensed is not able to be made. I do not have permission to produce these items.

Can I Pick The Colors/Fonts?

For custom orders you can personalize it any way you would like. I can provide a small selection of fonts that I am able to use for you to choose from. 

The cut outs for all interchangeable signs will vary in color, however the main part i.e. the truck or gnome, can be specified by you.

Can You Do Other Things Like Mugs, Shirts, Cups etc

I mean I could. Will I? No. And why? Because I am an expert at my craft. I don't want to be mediocre and 5 different things, I want to excel in 1 thing so you can feel comfortable in the fact that I know what I'm doing. If you want someone to make a t-shirt (and do it well) find someone that JUST does t-shirts/apparel. And when you want someone who makes wooden home signs and décor, you have Adorn Once More.