About – Adorn Once More



I'm so pleased to have you here. I wanted to tell you who Adorn Once More is and how it came to be. It pretty much started with what is now infamous words "I NEVER want to be self employed again. Ever". See, that's what I said, hands up total honesty I did not want to work for myself again, I'd had enough. And I really meant it! 

Turn back time to 2017. It was a BIG year!

I started the year with my husband and 2 year old in my home country. I was pregnant with our baby girl, working as an employee of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. I was also self employed as a sports therapist and masseuse. The year ended with a complete family, no job (for me at least) and a new house 4000 miles away from the place I called home as my husband is military. As I left my self employed business to prepare for the birth of our baby girl (that in itself is a whole other story), I uttered those words that I'd never work for myself again.

The reason I said I didn't want to work for myself was because I lacked passion. I enjoyed my job and I always worked to the best of my ability and I truly did enjoy the customers/clients I worked with. But there was no fire under my butt.

So it took leaving everything I'd ever known behind, it took a certain level of boredom, it took having a degree that was almost completely useless in another country, it took ALL of this to find it. IT. The THING. The thing I was supposed to figure out in high school, the thing I should have worked out before I had kids and moved to another country. The Thing? Painting and basic woodwork, making things for others. Helping people like YOU to curate their perfect space with the help of wooden signs and décor. 

This is my passion, I'm excited for work. I.Love.My.Job!

I do this because I want you to love the space you live in. I don't want you to have anxiety over visual clutter. I don't want you to waste time searching for a wooden sign that may or may not fit. I want to take the difficulty out of your home décor shopping. I want to help you, this is my why, this is my passion. 

I'd love to show you my favorite part of my range, because I truly believe it can transform your space, click here to see it.