Stove Cover (Noodle Board) – Adorn Once More
Stove Cover (Noodle Board)
Stove Cover (Noodle Board)
Stove Cover (Noodle Board)

Stove Cover (Noodle Board)

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Messy stovetop and unexpected guests? We've got you covered! Actually, we have your stovetop covered.

  • Stovetop covers (also called noodle boards) provide a clean, personalized beautiful solution to a messy stovetop (because we know how much you DON'T love cleaning!).
  • Adds to the character and cohesive feel of your kitchen décor.
  • Paneled design for a unique look.
  • Size 32"x22"x2" which fits most standard stovetops.
  • Comes complete with handles for easy transitions from stovetop to countertop. Plus, it could double as a serving tray.

This is your official permission to not have your stove looking show home worthy every single minute of the day. Put this elegant cover on your (cold) stovetop and go do something relaxing!

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Need a sign to match your new stove cover? We got you! Contact us here to have a tailor made sign for your kitchen.